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Yaya blasts Guardiola

Manchester City sturdy midfielder Yaya Toure on Saturday reiterated his unfaltering disapproval of former coach Pep Guardiola’s “cold and snubbing attitude” that led to his departure from Barcelona, and juxtaposed the 40-year-old manager with City’s Roberto Mancini.

The 28-year-old Ivory Coast international said Guardiola lacks a close rapport with his players unlike Mancini who exposes his choices and reasons to each player quietly without hurting anyone.

“Mancini is closer to his players. He talks more than Guardiola. He calls you into his office and holds a quite talk with you, listening more to what you’ve got to say,” Toure told L’Equipe on Sunday.

“For example, it’s not easy to see Nasri or Agüero on the bench in Naples. And if you leave Balotelli on the bench, it is not an easy choice either. Or even Adam Johnson, who is a very good player. Everyone wants to play. Mancini shuffles and handles this perfectly without hurting anyone.

“On the other hand, Guardiola waits for moments of pressure to get closer to you. It is much of a wrong attitude, I feel. Of course, those who play in Barcelona today will not say anything, but ask those who are gone like Ibrahimovic,” Toure said.

Last month the Ivorian claimed he had been forced out of Camp Nou even while he was willing to stay on, that Guardiola’s lack of attention culminated in his moving out to adventure in the Premier League.

However, the European champions’ boss had snapped back at Toure saying: “The doors of my office were always open.

The reality is that he asked president Joan Laporta to leave and that we tried to convince him to stay. If we face City in the Champions League I’ll talk to him.”

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