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Euro 2012 round up.

7 nations are ready for the EURO2012 next year.


Poland (host), Ukraine (host), Germany (winner group A), Italy (winner Group C), Holland (winner Group E), Spain (winner group I). England (winner group G).


Sweden overtook, with victory in Finland, Denmark’s position as the best 2nd spot in the groups – but with a 4-1 victory at Cyprus, Denmark took back the spot.


Greece / Croatia in Group F and Sweden in Group H are the only ones who can threaten a Danish first place in the 2nd pool. Sweden have to beat Holland to be sure for the best 2nd among the groups, as Denmark and Portugal on one way or another will take points from each other.


Group A: Turkey lost and Belgium won tonight – hence the two nations are fighting for second place in the final round, where Belgium go to Germany, while Turkey host Azerbaijan.


Group B: Russia will win the group if they defeat Andorra in the last round, while Ireland and Armenia are fighting for second place – Ireland will host this match and can settle for a draw.


Group C: Serbia played 1-1 against Italy, while Estonia won in Northern Ireland. Thus, Serbia have to win in Slovenia in the last round to take the group’s second place in front of Estonia.


Group D: Bosnia-Herzegovina won 5-0 over Luxembourg, and France won 3-0 over Albania. This determines the two nations group victory between them in the last round. France host the battle and can settle for a draw.


Group E: Sweden took the group’s second place with a 2-1-victory in Finland. They face group winner Holland in the last round.


Group F: Greece went passed Croatia with 2-0 win in the showdown with each other. This group will be settled after the last round where matches between Georgia-Greece and Croatia-Latvia. Greece goes to Euro2012 as group winner with a draw against Georgia.


Group G: England win the group and are ready for the European Championship after 2-2 in Montenegro. Montenegro is the group’s second place.


Group H: Denmark went temporarily to the top of the group and secured at least second place with victory in Cyprus. Portugal later took top spot with 5-3-victory over Iceland. Last match is for the top spot and only a win for Denmark will give them top spot whereas draw is enough for Portugal.


Group I: The Czech Republic lost to Spain and thus fighting with Scotland for the group second place.


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