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EURO 2012 qualifiers

Group A

Germany have already won this group last weekend.

Austria are now without any chances after dropping another 2 points at home.

Turkey are favourites to claim the 2nd price and only some unexpected result with Belgium’s only outside chance seem to be a win away in Germany.


Group B

Instead of getting some clarification, the group has got even more tangled after some unexpected results from yesterday. Russia must consider themselves as a team who lost 2 points in their goalless draw with Ireland while Armenia  (about whom we warned of not being pushovers) produced the shock result of the day by beating Slovakia 4-0 away !

All 4 teams are now in contention and the most telling fixture to come is Slovakia vs Russia next month.


Group C

Italy have won the group and Serbia are favourites to claim the 2nd place.

Some great results from Estonia lately but is that going to be enough to catch Serbia for 2nd place ? Slovenia are almost out.


Group D

It looks like France will keep the first place and Bosnia only requires to beat Luxembourg in their next home fixture to guarantee themselves at least 2nd spot.

Belarus are out after conceding late goal last night while defending with 9 men and Romania’s hopes are almost zero unless Luxembourg can take some points from Bosnia next month, which is unlikely.


Group E

Holland needing only 1 point from remaining 2 fixtures to win the group.

Sweden requires at least one win to confirm 2nd place and failing to do so would still provide outside chance for Hungary to overtake them.


Group F

Croatia moving to first place ahead of Greece by 1 point.

Next month’s fixture (Greece vs Croatia) is likely to decide outcome of this group.

Israel lost their chances with two consecutive losses.


Group G

England are only 1 point away from winning the group after their narrow win against Wales.

Montenegro are now only 3 points ahead of Switzerland with 2 games to go and the last fixture next month (Switzerland vs Montenegro) may just decide who claims the playoff spot.


Group H

Denmark’s win over Norway last night means that Portugal, Denmark & Norway are now sharing top 3 spots, all on equal number of points however Norway played one more game.

These are the possibilities now :

If Portugal can beat Iceland at home then they only need a draw in their last fixture away in Denmark to win the group.

Denmark only need to beat Cyprus at home to guarantee themselves at least second place and can still win the group by beating Portugal.

Norway are left with little hopes unless either Denmark or Portugal lose points against the two smaller teams in the group.


Group I

Spain have qualified for the Euro 2012 finals.

Assuming Scotland can beat Liechtenstein away from home (not guaranteed) then they would likely need some help from Lithuania in their last home match against Czech Republic.

Both contenders for 2nd spot (Czechs and Scots) still have Spain to play but we don’t expect them to get any points even if Spain fields their “B” team.

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