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Former Arsenal defender Sol Campbell: Arsene Wenger needs to sign ‘big-time’ players and strengthen his defence

Former Arsenal star Sol Campbell believes the Gunners need to buy some ‘big-time’ players to compete in next season’s Premier League title race.

The defender, currently without a club, agrees with the consensus that his former manager Arsene Wenger must buy another centre-back and a goalkeeper, at least, to bring trophies again to London.

“He’s [Wenger] definitely got to get a goalkeeper and get someone in the backline,” Campbell told the Daily Mail.

“The centre-backs at the club are good footballers. It’s just transferring that into consistency, every game demands different things from each player.

“So he might have to add a different type of defender into that area to handle certain games and help out next season. It’s good to have a variety at the back because every game throws up different things.

“Sometimes you need big-time players and he might have to go for a couple of older players who are bit savvy in the Premier League and can transfer it to Europe.’

Staving off transfer requests from midfielders Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri will be tantamount to the club’s success, too, according to the 36-year-old former Tottenham schoolboy.

“Hopefully he [Wenger] can get a few players in, keep the key players he has got and not break the cycle,” Campbell continued.

“You want to keep a group of players together and then add to it.

“If you take away from it you just break the cycle but you need to add the right type of speedy players who can play in the Premier League and Europe.”

Campbell left Arsenal in 2006 after winning three FA Cups and two championships during a six-year spell, but returned to London in 2010 for a brief loan spell.

However, the defender believes the atmosphere at the club had changed since his first spell with Wenger’s side.

“When I was there the first time around, there were guys, me included who said it how it is,” the former ‘Invincibles’ defender claimed. “We cared about football but also said what needed to be said.

“But it also helped keep a healthy competitive side to us. Whoever joined in, i.e if Arsene brought a new player in and had to understand what it meant to play for Arsenal, it was made clear very quickly.”

Since completing a one-year contract at Newcastle last term, Campbell revealed he will only play for a top flight club next season, and only one based in London.

“It’s the only level worth looking at really,” he said about the Premier league. “We will see what happens, what comes through and what happens in pre-season.

“I’ve got a new family now based in London so it’s going to be kind of difficult for me to move around.

“I will try and do a pre-season and see how I feel afterwards.”

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