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Benzema hit by another scandal

Real Madrid striker Karin Benzema has been hit with yet another sex scandal involving a minor.

According to reports in the Sun, the Frenchman is being investigated over scandalous pictures sent to a 14-year-old girl, and what worsens matters is that police have found that the phone used to send it belongs to Real Madrid.

The girl’s family notified police after she had a Facebook conversation with a “Karim Benze”, which was followed by a string of naughty messages and a picture of a man’s privates.

Further incriminating facts pointed to the 23-year-old, as the conversation also meandered about a holiday on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion, where the girl lives, as the Frenchman visited the isle as well in December 2009.

This marks his second scandal involving a minor, as he was accused last year of having sex with an under-aged Paris prostitute, a charge the striker denied.

He has said that the images was from someone who stoke his identity online, but officials in Reunion have drafted in computer analysts to help with the investigation, and could charge him with corrupting a minor.

French police sources revealed that the mobile linked to “Karim Benze’s” Facebook account was one contracted by Real Madrid for use by staff, including directors and players, and said: “The phone belongs to his club.”



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